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22 Jun 2014 10:54

As a bread winner how do you managed and divided your income to meet all the needs of your family?

22 Jun 2014 11:02

i d0nt kn0w c0z im n0t

22 Jun 2014 11:17

22 Jun 2014 11:39

But nowdays I am single but i wana know it.

22 Jun 2014 12:26

Is al about savings. You have to save at the end of every month even when you are single because you dont know when you wil be needing help. For me i send my parents money every month,do my monthly shopping which i wil be needing in that month, i leave some money in my pocket to buy my other one and two things which i wil be needing along the line,and finally not forgetting to save Something in my account

22 Jun 2014 12:33

i like black bread with sunflower seeds. :3