International forum: Romance & Friendship - Why it is easy for girls to break up than boys?
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21 Jun 2014 10:02

Friends I have experienced that to break up is easier for girls than boys. Girls break up fast even after a bit arguement with their bf. What is your opinion friends? Please share.

21 Jun 2014 10:02

Common reasons girls break up:
(1) Her friends don't like her boyfriend
(2) She doesn't feel chemistry
(3) She likes the guy as a best friend but not romantically
(4) She doesn't know if he is "the one"
(5) She is concerned about his ability to take care of her in the future
(6) She likes his boyfriend's properties to date, but not for a partener.
Just curious what you friends think about this list and whether you would agree or have anything to add.

21 Jun 2014 10:14

And as soon as girls break up they are ready to move on fast.

21 Jun 2014 10:49

Let me think first

21 Jun 2014 10:49


21 Jun 2014 10:53

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21 Jun 2014 10:59

The boys lies,never honest with her,he don't trust her,never make her happy,always hurt her,always make her crying or sad but she never tell him cause she still love he so she think maybe Its the best way for them,he believe what people say than her and etc..

21 Jun 2014 11:13
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21 Jun 2014 11:22
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21 Jun 2014 12:43

Is not easy for girls breaking up with guys, like how guys break up easily with their ladies when they get a new one.

21 Jun 2014 12:58

Simple is that the relation is based on trust if there is trust in relation thn u can go as long as u want if there is no trust even its girl or a boy the relation chnges 2 breakup...

21 Jun 2014 13:20

I'm not experienced but ,Agree friend

21 Jun 2014 14:28
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21 Jun 2014 14:37
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21 Jun 2014 14:42

Hai everyone. I dnt knw hw to post stickers in my conversation. Pls cn u help

21 Jun 2014 14:45

I think everything is true h0n but for girls not for boys.

21 Jun 2014 15:03
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21 Jun 2014 15:04

guys if agirl loves,she loves for real.but if she hates! its worse and she hates for real!

21 Jun 2014 15:07
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