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20 Jun 2014 10:22

My friend ask me.... are you afraid of death.....?
I think of it for moment and said yes...if i die when i still have unfinished business here.
She said dont.... because we have no control on it.... dont think the way you think because some of fallen angels think that way too before they face death....thats why its hard for them to accept the facts cost for them to misguided to a wrong pat

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20 Jun 2014 14:28

Yes definitely!

20 Jun 2014 14:37
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20 Jun 2014 14:39
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20 Jun 2014 14:49

Quote by gara25
Im not :)

Really ms. so if ever someone who will kill you.... so you mean you dont feel anything.... i dont believe theres someone who dont feel it even a little.... yeah im very much awaire that sooner or later we where go to it..... but still we can avoid little feeling inside of you.... that you have that fear......

20 Jun 2014 14:55

Quote by mitze
I'm not afraid of death ,.but I'm sure when the time comes I will feel scared if I am aware of whats happening....but at the same time theres a part of me that is very much at peace with it.. and im not ready yet because I haven't see yet my true love , :)

Hahah that's okay then goodluck...

20 Jun 2014 14:55

no im not

20 Jun 2014 14:57

Quote by Wafa-waseem
Yes definitely! :)

Yeah its normal to feel that but dont let that fear eat you.... try to face your fear....

20 Jun 2014 14:58

No coz it is time...

20 Jun 2014 15:06

Quote by Sladekaselema
No coz it is time...

.... so if ever the cost of your death are not the way you where expecting to happen to be..... like you have a killer do you think you can still stand that answer...

20 Jun 2014 15:15

i dont fear death coz no matter wat,i wil stl hav to face it.wat i fear most is to die whilst am a sinner,pipo i magn hw painful it wl b to leav ths life n go hell .plz pipo walk in Gods way so that wen u die u wl go to heaven.

20 Jun 2014 15:17

No but sometime I'm feel scare or affraid cause I'm not found yet my happyness with my parents..

20 Jun 2014 15:20


20 Jun 2014 15:21

we gat to be ready by keeping ourselves pure frm sinful life coz we dont wen that hour to stop breathng wil come so we gat to be ready. and most pipo who r afraid to face death r thoz who knw their relationship with God is sour,they hav no hope

20 Jun 2014 15:27

Yeh offcourse

20 Jun 2014 15:27


20 Jun 2014 15:38

everything comes to an end..

20 Jun 2014 15:59

nope ...death is a reality you can't postpone it

20 Jun 2014 16:09


20 Jun 2014 16:12

No, I'm not and never will...every single life that exists will come to an end, I am always ready for my time wether it is now nor anytime.