International forum: Religion - unmerited favor of God.
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20 Jun 2014 05:47

Calvary is the highest expression of God's love toward mankind.
How do you response to his calling?
How do you appreciate the kindness of God?
What is the best things have you done ever to him for your services and vowed?

20 Jun 2014 09:41

1. We respond to Gods caling by repenting from our sins and being a born again christian 2. We appreciate the kindness of God by accepting Him in to our life as our lord and our personal saviour, by doing so,we give Him praises and worship. Because the Bible says' thousands of Angels rejoices in heaven when we sing gospel songs for them 3. Every one and what he can do for God on Earth here,al is for him or her to do it open heartedly without looking for a reward which our Father; Himself wil reward thee. Examples are, leading the church in praises and worship, cleaning the church premises, giving money to church in aid of church building, or helping with your strength such as carrying water or sand or helping hand when you are a contractor,supporting pastors with money for food, and obeying His commandment in the Holy Bible.

20 Jun 2014 10:32