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24 Jan 2014 09:16

wat shoul i do now. .
im broken hearted qive
me a way or advise!!

25 Jan 2014 03:32

Edited by Herr / 25 Jan 2014 03:36
25 Jan 2014 15:03

whatever that hv caused u the broken heart, my dear u hv to accept the fact that we r nt in the perfect world nd u can always encounter wth many challenges, failure nd dissapointments so dont put ur trust in many things my dear nd try to hv forgiving heart i know its nt easy ok bt tym heals wounds nd ur broken heart wl be healed ok.

20 Aug 2014 13:45

Everyone in your life will hurt you sooner or later.
But you will have to decide.
What is more important?
The Pain Or The Person..???

20 Aug 2014 13:49