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19 Jun 2014 02:09

What is their connectivity?
How do they'll get in into business?
As a seller how do you convince your buyer to trust you?
As a buyer what is your best preference to know the quality goods?

19 Jun 2014 09:53

Customers are always right is the first thing as a seller you should know. Is therefore advisable for a seller to be friendly irrespective of how harsh a buyer will be, you have to calm down for him or her. Buy quality goods and latex ones always to your shop. Convince him or her to buy from you since yours is cheeper and quality. Avoid irregular opening or late opening of shop since it prevent your customers away to a different place when they come and you are not there. A seler should be ready to change what a customer bought from him if he should come back for a change, like clothings but not food or vegetables. And as a buyer is important to make a list of items which you want to buy, know which shop that has quality goods but less expensive before setting off to the market so you can do windows shopping by comparing prices and qualities of goods before going to buy, is always important to look out for expiry date on food cans, buy vegetables which are leafy green but not turned into yellowish colour, Tomatoes are to be hard and not watery since that one is rotten, and when buying fish the eyes shouldnt sink inside or shouldnt have holes in it or bad smell. Theses are some of the qualities as a buyer you should look for before buying