International forum: Events - What Is The Best Good Deed You Have Ever Done?
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17 Jun 2014 20:17

Friends sure all of you have done good deeds in your life. Good deed makes our heart happy and the people with whom we do also be happy. Please share your nice experience here.

17 Jun 2014 20:18

Let me think my own good deed which I have done.

17 Jun 2014 20:44
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17 Jun 2014 23:35

By not allowing the rich to buy me with their money. I always judge accordinly to the case at hand, i dont descriminate the poor from the rich, am always ready for the service of all mankind, i again give alms to the needy but poor people, espercially,paying money to save dying people at the hospital who have no where to turn to and no one for help. Money to me is good but is an earthly thing; Which is the root of the devil.

18 Jun 2014 06:33

My good deeds to help the poor's...

18 Aug 2014 08:50

My good deed i m always ready to help others.

18 Aug 2014 08:55

My good deed i m always ready to help others. praying for my friends happines nd success

13 Oct 2014 19:25

By donating my blood in red cross
every year