International forum: Family & kids - ◆ Should I forgive him adultery?
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17 Jun 2014 05:12
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17 Jun 2014 10:51

17 Jun 2014 12:25
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17 Jun 2014 12:27
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17 Jun 2014 13:44

Forgive and forget. .

17 Jun 2014 13:50

Quote by LoveTxT
Dear sisters, have you ever been in such painful situation? I discovered that my husband had relationship with one of his colleagues Not only flirt, much more.Ive checked his phone messages and find messages from her.. Very painful..was you ever in such situation and what was your behaviour...?

wh0 is y0ur husband? l0l

21 Jun 2014 14:31
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21 Jun 2014 15:56

Get out of the marraige the glass is cracked and a cracked glass never ever holds water again, it will always leak! If he jumped the fence once dont call him back let him go he will do it again!