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17 Jun 2014 04:41
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17 Jun 2014 04:42
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17 Jun 2014 05:45

A temporary feeling of passion for another, until it runs out

17 Jun 2014 05:59

Love can never be defined!

17 Jun 2014 07:25

Love is just a pretence for having sex

17 Jun 2014 07:49

Love is da name of sacrifices

17 Jun 2014 08:02

love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get only with what you are expecting to give wich is evrything..

17 Jun 2014 11:59

love is an emotional strong feeling which we get when we sees some one and want to be in relationship with, which is either a win or a loose game. Love is understanding, kind, patient, faithful, caring.sacrifice, and envys not. love is sweet and again is bitter.

19 Jun 2014 04:15
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19 Jun 2014 08:41

LOVE is like a one h e l l of a roller coaster ride many twists and turns, ups and downs, high's and lows and a breath taking courses with thrills and pure enjoyment even giving you a goose bumps at the end.

10 May 2015 13:58

l0ve is being selfless
t0wards your sp0use..l0ving him 0r her even if y0u're in the middle 0f an argument..n0 matter what may be g0ing 0n y0u'll always want them t0 be happy..l0ve is thinking ab0ut him 0r her first bef0re d0ing anything that might hurt the relati0nship..
l0ve is many things, but
what l0ve is n0t is seeing
the 0ther pers0n as merely an individual wh0 is here t0 satisfy ur needs..