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17 Jun 2014 04:35

A man wronged the king and thus he was put under a trial for murder. But the king knew that the person was innocent. Also he was suspicious that his innocence will soon come out among the people. Thus, he decided to play a game of chance on the name of their almighty god.
He summoned all the people along with the accused person. He put in two chits of paper inside a bowl. He told the people that one chit has ‘Guilty’ written over it and the other one has ‘Innocent’ written over it. He tells the people that the god will decide if the accused person is culprit or not. He then asks the person to draw a chit.
Obviously, the king is cheating and he has written ‘Guilty’ over both the chits. So no matter what chit the person picks, everybody will believe that it is lord's judgment and no one will bother to look at the other chit. Even the accused person knows it that the king had played a full proof game.
What should he do in order to be conceived as an innocent person?

17 Jun 2014 04:36

Friends, please think and reply.

17 Jun 2014 04:49
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17 Jun 2014 04:52
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17 Jun 2014 05:20

thinking . . .