International forum: Other - does discrimination between white and black makes any sense?
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16 Jun 2014 10:29

We all humans no one should practice racism

16 Jun 2014 11:20

We are all created by one and same god so i don't see the reason of practising racism.

16 Jun 2014 11:28

All are equal

16 Jun 2014 11:37

Good alone_prince but some idiots don't know that...

16 Jun 2014 11:58

The Root of all human being is Africa.

16 Jun 2014 12:10

There is absolutely nafin wrong with whites being closer to the blacks so discrimination on it is bad

16 Jun 2014 12:29

Well some stupid blacks hates whites same as some foolish whites hates blacks imaging a white Italian girl telling me she loves me but telling me she's scared of her parents coz they don't like blacks