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15 Jun 2014 20:05

During the Babylonian empire king Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about the great images .
That images was terrible because of the prophecy about the fallen of Babylonian empire.
King Nebuchadnezzar was in trouble because of that dream.
He has no knowledge about the fallen of great Babylonian empire.

But the prophet of God interpret the great image.
He interpret the word "mene mene teckel upharsen"
The Babylonian empire has fallen into the hand of medu Persian empire.
And another kingdom has risen and taken the power of medu Persia.
Grecian empire take over the medu Persian empire.
Finally the Grecian took up by Roman empire.
This is the last empire from Babylonian empire.

Do you think this is the last empire?

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15 Jun 2014 20:13
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15 Jun 2014 20:18

The last empire is indescribable because he was a horrible image.

15 Jun 2014 20:20
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15 Jun 2014 20:25

Although the last empire become weak because they were divided and can't be merged anymore.
Iron and clay couldn't mixed.
State and church never been become one.
But there is another prophecy about the ten toes?
This is representing about the European economic community. ..
What do you think?

15 Jun 2014 20:33

Actually the image
Divided into four parts.
The head is gold
The breast is silver,
The belly is bronze &
The leg is made by iron and clay. .
This is the four kingdoms.
But the focus of the prophecy is all about the ten toes. ..