International forum: Business - how to make balance the demand & supply?
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15 Jun 2014 10:39

We know that, when the demand is more than the supply the prices of all basic commodities will become to higher.
It will cause panic buying.

But when the supply is more than the demand of the people.
The market prices will shut down and or will cause a big problem to business world.

How to make it balanced that both side will survived?

15 Jun 2014 10:45
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15 Jun 2014 10:52

Nt easy.

15 Jun 2014 10:57

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Sir' I don't know.

Try harder. .

15 Jun 2014 11:54

I know, but I`ll not tell you! Hehehe

15 Jun 2014 12:15

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I know, but I`ll not tell you! Hehehe :)

14 Oct 2016 23:29

It all happens if the distribution is not spread evenly.

Sometimes, the case is not at stock/ supply demands but there are group of people who hold back or heap the stock up.

When the supply is scarce and many people start panicking, they start to sell it in a higher price to collect individual profit for their group.

Well, this kind of groups need to be wiped out by the government.