International forum: Family & kids - wh0 d0 y0u talk t0 m0re when in a pr0blem, y0ur m0ther 0r father?
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12 Jun 2014 18:18

y0u might feel m0re
c0mf0rtable talking t0 just 0ne parent in particular instead 0f b0th...if s0, put s0me th0ught int0 wh0
w0uld be the best t0 talk
t0 m0m 0r dad? y0u want t0 make sure y0u ch0ose the parent wh0 will take y0u seri0usly and get y0u help...!

12 Jun 2014 18:28

(pick a place)
this is especially imp0rtant if y0u have a
busy parent 0r y0u’ve
n0ticed y0ur parent
wanders 0ff in the middle
0f c0nversati0ns bef0re...
they can’t escape easily if
they’re at a restaurant...
als0, if y0u’re w0rried they may yell 0r cry, they’re less likely t0 “make a scene” if they’re in public... jejejeje!!!!

12 Jun 2014 18:29


12 Jun 2014 18:30
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12 Jun 2014 18:30


12 Jun 2014 18:31

(pick a time)
d0n’t c0nfess t0 y0ur
father that y0u g0t
an0ther speeding ticket as he’s walking 0ut the d0or f0r w0rk.... likewise, d0n’t tell y0ur m0ther that y0u have a drinking pr0blem while she’s furi0usly multi-tasking and unable t0 really listen.... y0u want
t0 make sure that y0u
have plenty 0f time t0 talk t0 y0ur parents and that they aren’t distracted with s0mething else...

12 Jun 2014 18:31

no any problem father & mother

12 Jun 2014 18:34

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12 Jun 2014 18:35

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kaibigan k0

12 Jun 2014 18:35

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iha talk t0 ur daddy

12 Jun 2014 18:39

d0n’t try t0 discuss
s0mething when
em0tions are high... find a time when every0ne
involved is feeling kinda
blah and neutral.... even if y0u d0 this, y0u might
n0tice m0ods start t0
elevate as y0u talk t0 y0ur parents... if y0u can tell that y0u 0r y0ur parents are getting angry, it’s 0kay t0 take a time-0ut f0r a few minutes... keep taking time-0uts as y0u need them...

12 Jun 2014 18:45

(f0ll0w up)
there’s always a chance
that they may n0t kn0w
h0w t0 resp0nd initially...
if y0u tell y0ur m0m
y0u’re depressed, f0r
example, she might
immediately plan t0 call a
d0ctor or, if she’s unfamiliar with depressi0n, she may need
t0 think ab0ut it and
research it... give y0ur
parents time! then, plan
0n a f0llow-up... the next
day, t0uch base with y0ur
parents and ask them if
they have any ideas 0n
h0w t0 help y0u... there’s
a g0od chance they’ve
already been l0oking f0r

12 Jun 2014 20:10
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12 Jun 2014 20:16

Im not close with my mom and dad

12 Jun 2014 20:36

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iha talk t0 ur daddy

i mean talk t0 me

12 Jun 2014 20:37

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i talked m0stly my m0m

12 Jun 2014 20:39

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Im not close with my mom and dad

m0ti jane y0u are cl0se with y0ur mahal

12 Jun 2014 21:22

my honey

12 Jun 2014 21:24

my lovly mum

12 Jun 2014 22:13

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my lovly mum

i love my nanay