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10 Jun 2014 18:30
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11 Jun 2014 09:36

Life has lots of meanings

11 Jun 2014 09:37

I should say life is struggle try to face it

11 Jun 2014 09:43
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11 Jun 2014 10:01

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11 Jun 2014 10:15

Quote by khan j
Life has lots of meanings :hm

tell some

11 Jun 2014 10:16

Quote by gara25
Life is beautifull struggle

11 Jun 2014 10:17

Quote by khan j
I should say life is struggle try to face it

11 Jun 2014 10:17

Quote by NaeEm..
pe0ple everywhere are
asking the questions;
"what is the purp0se 0f
life?" and "why are we
here?" y0u might be
amazed t0 learn, that
islam is pr0viding clear
and c0ncise answers f0r
these questi0ns...
m0st 0f th0se wh0
reflect 0r think bwt
life in any detail will
c0nsider and p0nder
these questi0ns...there
are as many different
answers t0 these
questi0ns as there are
pe0ple asking the
questi0ns...s0me w0uld
h0ld that the purp0se
0f life was t0 acquire
wealth...yet supp0se they were t0 acquire milli0ns 0f d0llars, what then
w0uld they claim is
their purp0se after
d0ing s0?
if the purp0se 0f life is
t0 bec0me wealthy,
there w0uld be n0
purp0se after bec0ming
wealthy...the fact is that when pe0ple appr0ach their purp0se here in this life fr0m the aspect 0f 0nly gaining wealth, after
c0llecting the m0ney
they have dreamed 0f
their lives l0ose
purp0se and then they
live in restless tensi0n
suffering fr0m a feeling
0f w0rthlessness...h0w c0uld wealth then
be considered as the
aim 0f life?
c0uld the acquisiti0n 0f
wealth guarantee
happiness? Of c0urse
n0t...when we hear 0f
milli0naires 0r members 0f their families c0mmitting suicide, h0w c0uld we c0nsider the purp0se 0f life w0uld be t0 gain great wealth?
A child of 5 years would
obviously prefer a new
toy to a deposit slip for
a million dollars.
A teenager does not
consider millions of
dollars in the bank a
substitute for movies,
videos, pizza and
hanging out with his
A person in their 80s or
90s would never
consider holding on to
their wealth in place of
spending it to hold on
to or regain their
This proves that money
is not the main purpose
at all the stages of
one's life.
Wealth can do little or
nothing to bring
happiness to one who
is a disbeliever in
Almighty God, because
regardless of what he
or she would gain in
this life they would
always live in fear of
what will happen to
them in the end. They
would wonder what
would become of them
and how they would
end up.
Wealth and its
accumulation as a
purpose would be
doomed to a
temporary success at
best and in the end it
would only spell out
self destruction.
So, what is the use of
wealth to a person
without belief? He
would always fear his
end and would always
be skeptical of
everything. He may
gain a great material
wealth but he would
only lose himself in the
Worship of the One
True Almighty God of
the Universe [Allah in
Arabic] as a primary
goal or aim in life
provides a believer
with everything he
needs to succeed in
both this life and the
Next Life.
The word for total
surrender, submission,
obedience, purity of
heart and peace in the
Arabic language is
"Islam". Those who try
to perform these
actions are called "MU-
slims" [Islam-ERs].
To a Muslim the whole
purpose of life is
"ibadah" or worship to
the One True Almighty
God on Terms and
under His Conditions.
The term "worship" to
a Muslim includes any
and all acts of
obedience to Almighty
So his purpose of life is
a standing purpose;
Worshipping Allah by
accepting Allah's Will
over his own.
This act of ibadah
[worshipping, thanking
and extolling the
Greatness Almighty
Allah on His Terms and
Conditions] is for the
Muslim, throughout his
whole life regardless of
the stage. Whether he
is a child, adolescent,
adult or aged person,
he is seeking after the
Will of the Almighty in
all these stages.
His life here on earth
although short, is full of
purpose and is totally
meaningful within the
complete framework of
total submission [Islam]
Similarly, in the Next
Life as well, his faith,
intentions, attitudes
and good deeds will all
be weighed into his
account as favorable
putting him in high
esteem with his Creator
and Sustainer.
Because Islam teaches
that this life is only a
test or trial for the
individual to show him
his true nature it is only
natural that he would
accept death as not so
much an ending to
everything but more as
a beginning of the final
and lasting life in the
Before entering into
either of the final
lodging places i.e.;
Heaven or Hell, there
must needs be a Day of
Judgment or showing
of one's true self to
make them aware of
their own nature and
thereby understand
what they have sent on
ahead during the life
here on the earth...


11 Jun 2014 10:27

Life is all things which u do when u i live

11 Jun 2014 10:28

Quote by hamis72
Life is all things which u do when u i live

11 Jun 2014 10:38

Whatever u face

11 Jun 2014 10:41

Quote by Crookxmr
Whatever u face

11 Jun 2014 10:58

life is a struggle to make it good and successful; life therefore as a whole is a win or a loose affair which brings about either happiness or sorrow since we wil face so many obstacles olong the line

11 Jun 2014 11:07

Quote by Babynash1990
life is a struggle to make it good and successful; life therefore as a whole is a win or a loose affair which brings about either happiness or sorrow since we wil face so many obstacles olong the line


27 Aug 2014 05:20

the meaning of life is to live..your life may suck but thats because you are not enjoying the things you have `

27 Aug 2014 05:21
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6 Sep 2014 07:55

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer

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6 Sep 2014 08:03

life is yourself and how you manage yourself during your existence on earth.

6 Sep 2014 08:16

lyf is a jouney mmmm

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