International forum: Religion - Do you believe in Karma? If so, have you truly experienced it?
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10 Jun 2014 00:40

The term 'Karma' is a one of the many concepts of Indian Religions, nevertheless it has been acknowledged across the world by many, not as a concept of religion, but as a general theme that teaches the power of good 'action' or 'deed'. Itcan be demonstrated by the phrase 'What goes around comes around'. I was tought by my parents that if you do good, it will always return to you one day. But seeing the current scenario where people fight over each other for a place, fame, position etc and when you see children and women in some part of the world suffer for no bad they have done, its hard to believe Karma exists. I feel the whole concept of karma has faded in todays competitive world and would like to see a different take on it. It always good to know that 'Karma' exists!! What is your opinion friends?

10 Jun 2014 11:09

Please share your h0nest
0pini0n ab0ut this t0pic na.

10 Jun 2014 12:09

Karma is a word or a term used mostly by occultics, and as already explained it meaning. The Holy Bible also talks about 'resurrection after death' and doing good to ourselves always just as we want our Father to also do unto us. It is believed when human dies his body is the dead but his soul goes to another country to continue his life on earth there and there he pays an accountability of what he did on earth, by many religions which by the 'law of karma' teaches this time that if is a man he might now become a woman. The Bible also teaches us that we pay accountability of what we do on earth in Heaven,which we either be in the fire of hell or join Abraham,Lazurus and others who leadth a righteous life on earth in Heaven with Jesus. Even in human nature,we pay for what we do to ourselves back. Whatever every one is facing now is his or her past life of karma. Am a true christian but comparing other religions teachings about life after death makes me believe in the 'law of Karma' since it teaches us to do good on earth since we have some where to go after death and here not being our homeland but just care takers

10 Jun 2014 12:15

Thanks so much friend babynash for you informative 0pini0n na. I heartilly appreciate it.

16 Jun 2014 09:36
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16 Jun 2014 09:40

Quote by Creepyfac3
yup i believe in karma and it still doesnt come too will just come one day like a thief and comes in your most unexpected time...karma comes in different ways or forms and might not come to YOU directly but will happen to someone related to you,someone whom you love a lot or someone in a family.

thanks s0 much f0r sharing y0ur h0nest 0pini0n h0ney

26 Jun 2014 08:30
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26 Jun 2014 08:33

Karma ??