International forum: Romance & Friendship - Do girlz like outgoing and affectioned guys or quiet and good listeners
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9 Jun 2014 16:00

Wats ur choice

9 Jun 2014 18:28

For me i like quiete and good listening guys but some ladies like outing and affectioned guys. To me i dont fal inlove for such guys because they spend much money on themselves to always look bright and gorgeous so therefore are not caring to ladies and again outing involves lot of money which he would have giving to the lady for her up keep. Outgoing guys are difficult to cope with because they think they know whatsapp. What i have to say to al my felow women is when choosing their guys is better to always go in for a man who is ready to listen to what we have in mined and ready to share our ideas and problems with us

9 Jun 2014 22:34

Babynash thanxs for ur choice and opinion but not all outgoing guys bad like ur saying

10 Jun 2014 03:57

10 Jun 2014 03:58
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10 Jun 2014 04:01

Quote by gara25
Were not saying that outgoing guys are bad or not serious person. bUt im rather to choose affectionate boys or quite boys because affectionate boys are more serious, they ready to listen you even if your not saying ur sintiments they are the kind of guys that are not insensitives, they more concern to your situation and feelings, even if he is accompanied of his freinds who is doing parties and also you are he will taking care of you, he ask you if you are ok or you like the set up of the parties because of more outgoings guys who arounds you,
And ive notices nowadays the outgoing guys are happy go lucky ,they enjoy thier lives outside thier house of his fellow outgoing guys, they love to parties, they also love to chase a girls,to tease , flirt a girl and to play games, they court a girl in the rules of tease first not in serious courting they used play court if who are the firts who make yes the girl it means the guy are won, most outgoing are more playfull. Affectionate guy are more sensitive in the feelings of a giril rather that to his enjoyment with his group. So to all girls be carefull to whom you trust even if the person are joker they hide his feelings and he is playfull and teaser!

gara thanxs for ur opinion and in both outgoing and affectioned but i can listen to so guess im different

10 Jun 2014 08:44
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10 Jun 2014 08:47
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