International forum: Other - When someone apologizes to you, how easy is it for you to forgive ? Why? Specially, If the person is your relationship .
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9 Jun 2014 05:17
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9 Jun 2014 11:29

will forgive and forget but 2nd time, will forgive but will move on

9 Jun 2014 12:50

Irrespective of what happened i have to find in heart to forgive him or her for the first and second time because no one is perfect and it might be me some day. God forgives us our sins and mistakes and ask us not to repeat it again so who am i not to forgive then how am i also going to be forgiving

9 Jun 2014 14:15
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9 Jun 2014 14:19
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11 Jun 2014 05:11

It is taught to me that there lies greatness in to forgive. If anyone hurt me and apologize heartilly I forgive him/her heartilly.

11 Jun 2014 05:28

virtues of forgiveness, yet many today who need to forgive are unable or unwilling to do so.This is mainly due to the wrong understanding of what forgiveness is. Most people, when given a clearer understanding of what forgiveness is, become more willing to do so.Here are some good reasons why you should forgive:Forgiveness is about YOU Many people are of the opinion that forgiving a perpetrator allows the perpetrator to escape punishment.They think that forgiveness is about giving the perpetrator a second chance at the expense of the injured party. The truth is forgiveness is all about the injured and is for the benefits of the injured. The focus of forgiveness is for the injured to finally be able to let go of the pain that has continued to hurt him or her even long after the initial assault. It is to help the injured find peace within so that he or she can move on in life without having to continuously carry the pain of the injury.

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11 Jun 2014 05:40

Forgiveness does not mean condoning the act or absolving the perpetrator of his or her responsibility for the action. It does not mean that the injured will tolerate being inflicted with the same injury again and again. It does not mean reconciliation although reconciliation may happen if the injured wishes. Forgiveness means standing up for your rights and your self worth. It means drawing a boundary about what you will accept as OK and what is not OK. It means having the courage to assert your rights and responsibilities.

11 Jun 2014 05:50

Forgiveness is the best revenge People who have been badly hurt by an intimate person such as a spouse, partner, parent, sibling or close friend sometimes erroneously believe that by staying in the hurt, they are somehow indirectly punishing the perpetrator. They see it as their way of getting back at the perpetrator. This logic does not hold water because very often the perpetrator does not really care about you in the first place or else he or she wouldnot have cause the injury. In addition, continue to wallowin the pain only prolonged the injury long after it has happened. If it was the intention of the perpetrator to hurt you, clinging on to the pain only multiplies his or her success at hurting you.

11 Jun 2014 06:02
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11 Jun 2014 06:02

In fact, the best revenge of the injured is to live a good and happy life after the injury. This is the surest way to foil the perpetrator's "success". Forgiveness improves your health. An unforgiving heart suffers increased risk of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, hatred, jealousy, ill will, sadness and insomnia. In addition, an unforgiving heart also risks high bloodpressure, heart attack. Genuine forgiveness, on the other hand, can have the opposite effects. There is reduced stress, anxiety, depression, anger, hatred, jealousy, ill will, sadness and insomnia as well as a reduction in physical ailments. On top of that, those who are forgiving tend to grow old with more peace and satisfaction, and less afraid to face death. So, a forgiving person benefits from improved health in all areas, i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

11 Jun 2014 06:09

Ignore, resentment for friends just for 5 minutes

11 Jun 2014 06:09

Gara25 friend you are absolutely correct being too much nice is also not good. I posted a topic about it long ago please check it.

11 Jun 2014 06:55

it's really difficult to forgive someone, who has always wanted my destruction. furthermore if you'll prefer to forgive then he/she will again do something bad!

11 Jun 2014 07:02

Amit786! How many times you would like to forgive anyone else?

11 Jun 2014 07:07
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11 Jun 2014 09:45

Quote by Wafa-waseem
it's really difficult to forgive someone, who has always wanted my destruction. furthermore if you'll prefer to forgive then he/she will again do something bad! :)

bad deserves to be dealt , and good for good

11 Jun 2014 09:50
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11 Jun 2014 10:42
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12 Jun 2014 05:15
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