International forum: Education - SCIENCE IS BETTER THAN ART SUBJECT
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7 Jun 2014 08:04

why many student study art? but science is better than art

7 Jun 2014 15:18

Both best

7 Jun 2014 15:38

why all is a both

7 Jun 2014 16:10
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7 Jun 2014 16:12


7 Jun 2014 16:16

I likE science..

7 Jun 2014 17:00

I personally believe that it will depend on the the subject.I like to study in science deapartment and it is my heart and i hate to study in art on the other hand my friend who is studying in art department he doesn't like to study in science

7 Jun 2014 17:25

Both is better just science is difficult than art and science student are mostly doctors,they spend longer years in studying mostly 7yrs in completing their course whilst art student are mostly architect,they also spend 3 to 4yrs through their course completion