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6 Jun 2014 16:41

why, those all forbiden things are sweeter than sugar?

forbiden love,
forbiden affairs,
forbiden relationship
just like homo, bisexual, etc.

6 Jun 2014 18:51

Bcos every thing not suitable and not accepted to be done by children of God is sweet just to weigh our faith when we look at Eve and the serpent, he made her see that the forbiding fruit was palatable to be eating by human just to check our faith in God.

6 Jun 2014 20:11
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6 Jun 2014 20:34

6 Jun 2014 20:56

6 Jun 2014 22:00

Yes sir you,re right.

7 Jun 2014 01:39

bec0z sumtimes f0rbiden are m0re exciting, can make u feel alive that sumh0w it seems that u'v always 0n an adrenalin rush..sumh0w it makes u feel talented also(forbiden affair) u have to thnk a nice alibi just to pass d ann0ying questi0ns of ur partner.....if ur t0o pr0ud of urself u will thnk that d0ing ths sumthng f0rbiden can make u ab0ve all..u thnk that u can f0ol d people s0rr0unds u and it makes u feel awes0me

7 Jun 2014 17:00

why?..mYb for sOmE pipl, LukinG sOm tRilL, but soMe pipl..iz BCoz ov LoVe!.. Dat LoVe, fOr DAt pipl for wHtever rEason beLev sHuldn't exist bUt does.