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6 Jun 2014 05:36

Basically the word (person) is indefinable in our physical world & to become good person in your community, city, or country, is most difficult than defining yourself!

So, What makes you a good person? Or simply, how to become a good person?

6 Jun 2014 06:01
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6 Jun 2014 06:03
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6 Jun 2014 06:05

Quote by mitze
Be a better listener than talker Follow what the person is saying, and confirm this with a follow up question on the topic, then they will know that you're paying attention to them. This also can become good person :handkiss

Hehehe Correct!

6 Jun 2014 06:06

Our decent talks

6 Jun 2014 06:11

..for mE!.. any race ,color, religion..

6 Jun 2014 06:13


6 Jun 2014 06:26

gudness is the 1st
step t0 success and
happiness...we can 0ften
turn t0 religi0n f0r
guidance, but ultimately
we shud learn t0
define 0ur 0wn m0rals
0urselves...0ne 0f the
simplest ways t0 d0 s0
is t0 l0ve others, and
treat them as y0u wud
like t0 be treated...try t0
think 0f 0thers bef0re
y0urself....even d0ing
small things daily will
greatly enrich and
impr0ve y0ur life, and
the lives 0f 0thers
ar0und y0u....t0 be a
gud pers0n is n0t easy
bc0z y0u have t0
believe in pe0ple and
pe0ple y0u cann0t see...

6 Jun 2014 06:35
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6 Jun 2014 06:37


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6 Jun 2014 06:38

Good NaeEm!

6 Jun 2014 06:38

ther is no good person all fake laid and nt become good prson

6 Jun 2014 06:40

Quote by Creepyfac3
well,as you said its really hard to be a good person...some people say they are good cos they are doing charity works, some acts nice way,some speaks with respect but its really hard to know if deep inside they are really good person...we never know that those people are just showing goodness but deep inside its all nothing but pretense in order to gain popularity.i cant advise on how to be a good person cos i really dont think there are steps that we should follow on how to be good..its all on how people truthfully express their real selves without any pretense and thinking about the benefits they gonna get if they become good and will look good for other people..i simply say be good by HEART not only by deeds and by words.


6 Jun 2014 07:12

I don't want to be a good persons. .
But rather I would like to be a good husband to my wife.
A responsible father to my son,
Nothing else!

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6 Jun 2014 07:26

Money makes every one a good person ,but I am not a good person

6 Jun 2014 07:57

Quote by clixsters
I don't want to be a good persons. .
But rather I would like to be a good husband to my wife.
A responsible father to my son,
Nothing else! ;)

You shouldn`t limit yourself only for your family because you have to go on with your community, friends, or people of country!
Anyway, Good!

6 Jun 2014 08:22
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6 Jun 2014 09:17

Mode of conduct: respectful,loving,giving out to the needy,participating in communual labour,settling disputes among people, am the type that i feel other people's pain as wel for that reason i am justice to my work and not just interested in collecting money where am not suppose to,am inteligent and a brave young girl. These qualities makes me a good person,which some loves me for it and others dont but i dont care because each and every human being has gotting an enemy on earth irrespective how good he or she is

6 Jun 2014 09:32

what makes me a gud pers0n? wait let me thnk i guess i dnt have th0se
…well i feel im a gud pers0n everytime i help a 0ld lady/man to cr0ss the lane way..everytime i help sum1 i dnt knw to carry her heavy thngs and after that she said to me thank u..everytime drs a beggar asking me 4 m0ney and i buy hm water and bread..i feel im a gud pers0n by d0ing those thngs and drs al0t m0re..everytime i w0rshp GOD wit all my heart and mind,and everytime i foll0wed rules of my parents and everytime my bro and sis told me thank u 4 ds and makes me a gud pers0n and i blv im a gud pers0n..and anyway d0ing th0se lil thngs is very fulfilling...

6 Jun 2014 10:20
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