International forum: Romance & Friendship - Is that after separation can remain friends (e) with the person you love?
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5 Jun 2014 13:39


5 Jun 2014 18:41
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6 Jun 2014 00:28

Hmmmm,is not easy because one might not accept fully for the seperation of the breakup and upon seeing the other persons partner wil feel jelous to do something stupid just for the colapse of the new found love. To me is not advisable to stil be entertaing your ex lover to your home or other personal issues so once breaked up both should go their seperate ways to avoid confusion in the next generation

6 Jun 2014 03:22
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6 Jun 2014 03:26
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6 Jun 2014 03:37

Friendship after being separated from the person u love actually depends on how u both are separated and depends on both party if they can keep atleast the friendship. But in reality of relationship mostly its not possible but for some it is specially if both parties think its better to be friends or nothing at all... friendship for ex-lovers can be but sometimes cannot be.

6 Jun 2014 04:09

..exactly rigth!! My sis gara.. 4get is 4get..:)