International forum: Romance & Friendship - When friendship turns into love: the benefits and consequences?
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5 Jun 2014 13:31

I think it spoils some of your complicity.

5 Jun 2014 20:31

Quote by DRIBOSS
I think it spoils some of your complicity.

Good! Hehe

6 Jun 2014 00:45

For the benefit,It helps know much about the person. like his do's and dont,in the form of love issues,respect,caring,faithful,hardworking,patient,trust and so much more which helps in building up a good relationship. But it also has consequences of not believing one much in the field where he used to be a womanizer before marriage. To me friendship before love is far better than straight forward love since i wil know how to walk and handle my partner if we should come together without much quarrels and troubles