International forum: Romance & Friendship - Do Single Women Hold Any Responsibility for Not Pursuing Committed Men?
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1 Jun 2014 20:48

I want to discuss with you friends that what type of women are these men cheating with or as someone blatantly asked me recently, are women attracted to unavailable men?
Yes, sort of.
We hear in detail about the unsuspecting wife suffering at the hands of her adulterous husband, but it’s rare anyone talks about the mistress(es). While the wife is usually ignorant of the cheating, it is not so secret in fact most mistresses know all about the wife. Stated another way, the “side woman” usually knows there is a “main woman” in the man’s life.
Please friends feel free to share your opinion here

12 Jun 2014 13:46

I think single woman should have responsiblity not to pusue a commited man na. Whats your opinion friends?

16 Jun 2014 09:53
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16 Jun 2014 09:57

Quote by Creepyfac3
i agree!...single woman shouldnt give way for a married man to be part of her life...single woman should also think from the side of the wife since she too is a woman...maybe if many single woman ignores and denies any proposals or flirtings from married man then maybe adultery will at least be minimized.

thanks sanam s0 much f0r sharing y0ur h0nest ideas na