International forum: Romance & Friendship - Mistakes Ladies Make That causes Their Late Marriages of make Them single 4 Life !!
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31 May 2014 06:11
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10 Jun 2014 18:06

Thanx for your advice here and i very much agree with it

8 Sep 2014 21:18

Women talk—we know this. But there are some things that need to be kept within the confines of the relationship. If you can’t trust her to know where that line is, then you can’t trust her enough to marry her.

9 Sep 2014 08:26

Yes sis Christine is right, and what i wil also add to her's is 1. ladies should work very hard to support a guy who cums their way rather than putting al their problems on them since it makes men loose interest with the relationship 2. ladies should again stop looking for handsome guys and rather look for responsible and understanding man who wil love them forever. 3. ladies should be attractive and smart to know if her guy that she is with wil marry her or not so as she decides properly on it and take the next step 4. ladies should not talk of their ex guys to their present guys since is very bad to do that and at risk of loosing your relationship as wel. 5. ladies are to avoid having many friends since it can ruin a relationship 6. ladies should treat their inlaws as their own parents 7. ladies should stop comparisome since it leads to envyness in the relationship,thereby loosing it 8. Ladies should take one man and be faithful to him if they want to be married