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30 May 2014 23:04


Do you believe?
Have you been tried once?
What happen?


30 May 2014 23:18

Matter is anything that has weight and occupies space. Wel we have al experience matter once or twice in our lives through the air we breath

31 May 2014 00:12

Well thanks for defining the meaning of matter.highly appreciated!

Anyway mind over matters trying to controlled the reality but not to destroy the fact!
Let me say about the dying soldiers he can fell the pain and agony because of wounds. But he can ignored the pain
Through mind over matter.

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31 May 2014 02:54

ah..s0 thats mind 0ver matter...mmm..n0w i knw..

31 May 2014 06:22

I cannot understand!

31 May 2014 09:02

Is easy to forgive but the agony of pains is not easy to be forgotten in humans nature

1 Jun 2014 13:44
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1 Jun 2014 13:51
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1 Jun 2014 14:04

Quote by Creepyfac3
when my father died,wh0le family were at l0st as h0w 2 start life again with0ut him,,i g0t scared whats g0nna be 0ur future bt then i didnt let my em0ti0n crash me d0wn.i l00k at the brighter side and tell myself,"i cn d0 it!" nt 0nly 4 me bt f0r wh0le family.its m0re than 7yrs when dad died and still here i am alive and kicking hehehe :U

Yeah! Mind over matters...

1 Jun 2014 19:30
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