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29 May 2014 22:21

It`s saying that love is indefinable & indispensable for every person in life but unfortunately some people think love is nothing or simply they say, romantic lovers are fool! Hehehe

So, What do you think?
Is love necessary in life? Can we live without love? Or What is loveless life?

29 May 2014 23:44

love is very important in human life. God created woman from the mans ribs after causing him to sleep deeply because He knew it wasnt good for the man to be alone. love therefore is an important thing by al leaving creatures

30 May 2014 01:04

love is very necessary..for GOD ur neighb0r,love ur enemy,love my creatures c0z by that u can sh0w l0ve t0wards GOD....and imagine life with out l0ve in ur s0rr0undings..its scary and useless..

30 May 2014 02:54

Romantic love implies a fairy tale-like quality, and is completely necessary for happiness. Romance is how we, as humans, escape the daily trials of life in modern society. Through romantic love, we find someone very similar to ourself, who helps us to become a better person. The stereotypical dream in our culture is to grown up, get married, have a happy family, and live in a large house with a white picket fence. Even though not everyone craves the house and children, how many people don’t desire the romantic, loving relationship? Ideally, this romantic relationship stems from the soul connection as "a resonance between two people who respond to the essential beauty of each other’s individual natures, behind their facades, and who connect on a deeper level." This soul connection, I believe, is the ultimate and most stable basis for a romantic love relationship. In a soul connection, the two individuals involved are drawn together, independent of their conscious wills. In a soul connection-based romantic relationship, the two people fall together into a deep love, in which they understand each other completely, and respect and admire all aspects of the other’s being.

30 May 2014 04:18

Thankyou babynash, Amit & Quiete for your honest opinions!

30 May 2014 07:24

Love Is a source of life.
Nothing less!

30 May 2014 07:35


30 May 2014 07:56
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30 May 2014 08:01
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30 May 2014 08:18

Quote by Applicardin
Yes doubtlessly Love is necessary in life & this life is fruitless without love! :)


30 May 2014 09:16

Love is Life. To know not of it, to never have felt it, to not know of it's warmth and care, to never have felt your heart racing or your body shaking, smiply at the glance of a smile, the tenderness of a touch, the taste of a kiss, ,,,,, is to not know life. Without it,,,, you merely exist. Love is Life, Love is Living.

30 May 2014 09:49

Good Sophia18!

30 May 2014 10:52

love is necessary, without love no peace.

30 May 2014 12:35

It's hard to survive when no-one loves you.So I say love is necessary.

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31 May 2014 20:47

I think

31 May 2014 23:31

no, we r necessary

31 May 2014 23:58

Yes. Its important.

1 Jun 2014 00:32

yes love is very important in human life because God himself hows us love by giving his holy be gotten son to die for our sins jxt because of love. Amen.

30 Aug 2014 11:58

love is one of the pieces of this puzzle called life..we have to have love in our lives it makes us stop thinking about ourselves and true love makes us complete..on the other hand you cant love anyone until you learn to love balance in life and love is key.. `

14 Mar 2016 03:12