International forum: Religion - Day of Gods Judgment?
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29 May 2014 18:05

Any one is free to comment...
until recently Gods word has been preaced and easily accessible via media n in churches,mass, etc..
i think christianity or worship to God followed through from the time of the israelites or thats what history i see in the bible...the history of israelites up to christ time..
God will judge us accordingly on how faithful servants we wer..or not in our era wer we almost have access to the good gospel..
Does any one think God will send to eternal hell fire those who never had access to knowledge of our ancestors? if he was loving;will he give second chance or even if one does not know he will sent to hell??

3 Jun 2014 12:22
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11 Apr 2017 00:39

Lord Jesus Christ died for our Sin according to Bible. And we are ignoring the fact that He (Son God) died and resurrected and saved us. We are continuing to sin against him without repentance and regrets, we are always denying and following the devil's ideas. There won't be a second chance. You have all the time and chances in the world to change and yet you are not.