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29 May 2014 13:49

Which music video do you find very good? It can be interesting, artistic, funny, sad, etc. Share, please!

29 May 2014 14:02

the music vide0 of WRECKING BALL by MILEY CYRUS..w0w!!!! it r0cks me..

29 May 2014 14:08

It`s in my own language
(Asa saa kachahree kayo dosto haliya wendasee ochto ochto)!

29 May 2014 17:10

A music video in which they are at the jungle
ROAR by: Katy Perry

29 May 2014 17:24
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30 May 2014 07:21

Music video of moon walker by Michael Jackson

11 Oct 2014 09:03

Shayne Ward