International forum: Religion - what is the purpose of mankind?
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28 May 2014 03:19

one of lifes mysteries

28 May 2014 09:53

For a special reason..
They are created to worship God!; unfortunately this plan ruined by the devil...

28 May 2014 10:43

Yeah, i agree with Sir Clixsters and what i wil add to his is to also marry and produce children and make a wonderful world,since God creatured every creature male and female and said give birth to your off springs and fulfill the earth. But the devil has ruined the world and humans dont fear the word of God again so they do what pleases the devil who rejoices upon seeing that by humans marrying the same sex group like man to man and woman to woman and so many sins going on in the world today because humans do not have the fear of Lord within their heart so they hurt their fellow brothers and sisters

28 May 2014 10:46

Just like Sodom and Gomorrah.. Terrible!

28 May 2014 10:47

jesus said g0 and make pe0ple 0f all c0untries as my deciples..baptized them in d name of the father,of the s0n and 0f the h0ly spirit..AMEN...ds is the purp0se of man be deciple of g0d.

28 May 2014 12:20

Purpose of mankind?

29 May 2014 17:50

thankyou friends for the comments..

3 Jun 2014 12:37
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16 Feb 2015 16:54
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