International forum: Forum games - If you know ? You are a genius,then this question is for you ¿
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27 May 2014 17:26
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27 May 2014 17:41

I am the right guy for her ... Hahaha

27 May 2014 17:43

Maybe the Fisher men..
I beat you hehe

27 May 2014 17:44

Later I will explain to you why the fishermen..

27 May 2014 18:01

i am bel0w average me to be a genius

27 May 2014 18:03

i thnk d DOCTOR

27 May 2014 18:32

i'm definitely an idiot here, but i think the artist, because without him there's no telling if the girl would be saved.
oh, wait, a SISTER!!
it probably refers to nun or something.
so the answer is:

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27 May 2014 22:24

The fishermen,
The artist,; the hunter,;and the doctor all of them become apart of the story... But the fishermen was the only guy doing his effort to save the woman.
The artist like always to play song, it is his passion with crocodile or without crocodile he can play, while the hunter enjoying also to hunt any wild beast in the jungle.
The Doctor can perform his duty to cure any injured people because as a doctor he has a covenant and bowed to save life whether it is enemy or not.
Unlike the fishermen his work or job is to catch fish..
He had a direct attachment to the woman on the scene..

27 May 2014 23:47

I have never considered myself as a genius person therefore no need to think anymore!

28 May 2014 00:29

I am not giving my opinion to show up that I am a genius .
I did it to challenge myself nothing else.

28 May 2014 04:39
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28 May 2014 04:54

Quote by clixsters
I am not giving my opinion to show up that I am a genius .
I did it to challenge myself nothing else. ;)


28 May 2014 05:00
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28 May 2014 05:17

I think if it hadnt being for the hunter,the crocodile would have swallowed her immediately the artist song had ended. So therefore the hunter is the man suitable for her to marry since he was the first man to save her life

28 May 2014 05:37
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28 May 2014 05:52
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28 May 2014 07:27


28 May 2014 07:45

i thnk A FishErmen because only one went to the water and brought her without considering his life

28 May 2014 08:00

I think that he must be fisherman.

28 May 2014 10:25
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