International forum: Education - In your own opinion, how important do you think education is?
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18 Jan 2014 10:52

Education is important for two reasons. Number one is that people need to be aware of the world around them so they can become productive members of it.
Second reason is that it behooves us all to be smarter and more intelligent people. Stupid people are easy to control. And we have enough of them these days don't we??
That's why education is important!

18 Jan 2014 12:26

to me, education is very important in every humans life.

18 Jan 2014 13:23

Yes, education is most important to every kind of people.

18 Jan 2014 13:28
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18 Jan 2014 14:29

Education Is Most
Important To Every Kind Of people

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18 Jan 2014 14:33

education is very important. other people can take away your wealth but not the knowledge that you have

18 Jan 2014 17:10

Vry Important

24 Jan 2014 01:24

Education is very important what ever your status in life rich or poor .
.if you have education ......your aware of all things ...that's all you have.. that no one can take it away ......yah some are educated person ..... still we need to used it in a right way not in a wrong way ......... let spread the knowledge we had ..........

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28 Jan 2014 13:10
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21 Feb 2014 14:43

Education is very important to us. It can change our life!

25 Feb 2014 01:46

as mandela said education is d most powerful weapon we can use to chanee the world

25 Feb 2014 02:26

Education?!for me its very important for every person..this is not for selective people it is for us..gaining self confidence,proper knowledge&it gives title,satisfaction&no regrets in life.. 0:)

25 Feb 2014 04:53

education is one of the best key to success

25 Feb 2014 05:43

Apart 4rm ALMIGHTY GOD Education is the second important thing to mankind.

25 Feb 2014 06:20

Education is the only way to success

25 Feb 2014 08:45

Education z de key 2 success minus it,definately sombodys life wil b lippin endin up rgretin nd hey rgrts re nt gd in life.

25 Feb 2014 10:46

Eduction is very importent of every people. Its looking rong and good way. People do difrence in good and bad

25 Feb 2014 11:12

,,its imp0rtant c0z by that we can be a useful human being to 0ur s0ciety th0ugh im n0t saying that being an uneducatd is useless,but if we hve a right educati0n we can c0ntribute to impr0ve the lives of the pe0ple s0rr0unds us and we learn whats 0ur really purp0se why we here..

25 Feb 2014 11:45
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25 Feb 2014 13:28

When U look around and see the amount of Jobless educated people looking Jobs iit makes one really wonder.