Nigerian forum: Education - Applied Knowledge is power
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25 May 2014 19:21

He that tries to help a fool will end up being a fool. He that tries to help the wise will make them wiser. He that cannot see the truth is blind. He that said Education is expensive has never been happy with knowledge. Education is all about learning. Many are schooled but few learned.

26 May 2014 14:24

Yea thats 2ru

26 May 2014 14:52

Dats very correct

27 May 2014 23:29

Is a big lie,all finger are not equal , when rich send their kids to the school, the poor struggling to feed their children what do you think will happen? Let our leaders stop all their evil doing and embrace peace,tanx.

28 May 2014 00:29


10 Aug 2014 19:52

Som ar schling unda palm tree while som unda aircondtn don condem others jus bcuz u av previledge to do som1 ends is som1 beginin dont boost on painful mata 2 others ,evr1 knw dat eductn sweet ,bt dos unfortunate humanbeing mak it bitter 4 dat in lowerclas.