Nigerian forum: Education - i want 2 go forther education.i need ur advice
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24 May 2014 20:24

I need ur advice on how 2 take care of my self in the univesity

27 May 2014 21:12

1 tin in life don't depend on peple althou dey might help bt wen u need dem most dey dispoint ur detemination matters u can my dear if u really want 2 furda ur skol if hv handwk/start workin while skolin but it wil nt b easy patience is al u hv 2 hold on

28 May 2014 12:11

I dnt knw wat to do. ShulD I go to an open uni or poly

26 Jul 2014 03:24

Either way is ok but if u r stil young then go to poly 4 OND n cross to university. Whats ur field of interest? What abt ur performance in previous exams? Lets discuss at length