Nigerian forum: Family & kids - Should I forgive him adultery?
23 May 2014 16:48

Dear sisters, have you ever been in such painful situation? I discovered that my husband had relationship with one of his colleagues Not only flirt, much more.
Ive checked his phone messages and find messages from her.. Very painful..was you ever in such situation and what was your behaviour...?

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23 May 2014 23:37

My dear,if u luv him u hv 2 4give him,but u hv 2b @ ur best 4 him.let him hv all d luv $ care he need 4rm a woman.

23 May 2014 23:43


24 May 2014 00:17

Forgive him n pray f him

24 May 2014 00:37

Wel my dear, first of al tnk God u knw he is dating sum1 else,its funy bt dat wil help u to knw wia nd hw to direct ur prayer point. I wont ask u 2 pray him. Nt cos of anytin bt wat i wil tel u is to pray 4 d girl nd their relationshp,once these 2 tins r tamperd wit,ur husbnd wil get bk to u.
Secndly,u made d mistake of going tru his fone. No mata hw u dnt trust ur husbnd,it is a wrng tin to go tru his msgs cos he mite nt be afectd bt u'l be d one to be hurt as a result of dat. May God help u ok. ***QUEEN BROWN***

24 May 2014 01:16

please forgive him, also pray for him

24 May 2014 01:29

pls 4give him dat is men 4 u 95% are like dat ok keep prayin 4 him is only ur prayer dat can change him totally pls save ur marriage

24 May 2014 01:36

yes forgive him nd take everything to prayer,pray 4 him God should change him,pray that he should hav d fear of God.

24 May 2014 01:52

Pls sis am sorry 2 ask dis question, what did u do 2 him,becouse no smoking without fair

24 May 2014 02:01

pray 4 him & 4giv? And nt only 2 4giv bt 4get.
Prayer is d key sorry plz take heart.thanks

24 May 2014 02:08

Forgive n forget

24 May 2014 04:00

Hmmm, madam testas! U will never stop to amaze me! Are u not d same ashawo dat cheated on ur husband while he was away on business trip? U even got pregnant for another man outside ur husband!! How did u resolve dis shameful, painful, sad, humiliating and most sinful actions of yours? And here u r talking about ur husband cheating on u when u r a World Class Cheater urself!! He obviously learnt it from u cos it flows and runs in ur blood!
U deserve divorce and death sentence at d same time...GOD FORBID but if I were in ur husband's shoes, I'll definitely slaughter u to death and feed ur pussy & breasts to d dogs!!!
If ur so-called husband is still stupidly and foolishly marrying u for whatever his dumb and shallow reasons may be, I think he should give u "a well-deserved first class treatments". What exactly do I mean??? He should be bringing Ashawos like u day in day out into ur matrimonial home and he should be having sex with them right infront of u...infact u should be forced to always watch them perform! THAT'S WHAT U DESERVE and u are not supposed to complain about anything because u lack MORALITY!!!!!!! Thanks,,,

24 May 2014 07:55

yes forgive him

24 May 2014 08:49

you have to forgive him and pray for him,it seem it difficult to we woman, but you must try.

24 May 2014 09:06

Do ur own nah if u they vex

24 May 2014 10:10

My dear try 2 4give him an also 4get and i also belive wit God's help he will change ok

24 May 2014 10:17

Yes..God says forgive and forget

24 May 2014 10:27

My dear, as others hv said pray for him but for me wat is in blood will always be there.pls dnt think too much blc if u die thinking abt him, he will move on.

24 May 2014 11:07

U av no option than to let it go off u i meant d pains,4give him.Spice up ur marriage by bein sexy ol d tym, dat ll make him to long 4 ya olways.

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24 May 2014 11:59

Forgiveness is of the heart and it is the ability to let it go completely thru d help of God. Never stop doing those things you have always done for him.It sure will be well beloved

24 May 2014 12:38

Confront him abt d case ask him dat cn he eva be trusted?? U both nid to patch tins 2gada n make sure u alwaz pray 4 him.