Nigerian forum: Family & kids - Should I forgive him adultery?
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23 May 2014 16:48

Dear sisters, have you ever been in such painful situation? I discovered that my husband had relationship with one of his colleagues Not only flirt, much more.
Ive checked his phone messages and find messages from her.. Very painful..was you ever in such situation and what was your behaviour...?

23 May 2014 19:12

pray 4 him

23 May 2014 19:19

Pray 4 Him Nd 4giv Him

23 May 2014 19:27

My dear i feel ur pain bcos i have been there b4. I was so hurt dat we ended up not gettn married. Well, we are all married now nd d u can giv urself is a 4giving hrt no matter how hurt u are,try n 4giv him n try to meditate on d gud in him n i know God wil calm ur hrt n ease ur pains. Peace

23 May 2014 19:27

Hmmmm pray hard and forgive him if you love him and if he also loves you back, and if he is ready to change. But be extra carefull with that your husband. Because some people only change for a time not forever.... Take note!

23 May 2014 20:17

Like other ve advice pray 4 him n forgive him then check urself is der anything u were doing to him b4 dat u no longer do try 2 b more sexy at time give it 2 him hot wen he least expected

23 May 2014 20:45

Pls 4 give him, nd pray for him

23 May 2014 20:53

The first thing is to forgive and forget and pray to ur creator.

23 May 2014 21:26

i feel your pain, but please forgive him ur forgiveness will change him.

23 May 2014 21:26

the best u can is to pray for him to god the make him to repect nd u forgive him nd forget.

23 May 2014 21:57

Jez 4give him and alway pray 4 him

23 May 2014 22:16

if d 4giveness come 4m ur heart

23 May 2014 22:17

No, my sis u cant

23 May 2014 22:19

Dear,pls 4give him,keep praying 4 him,and pls be patient.

23 May 2014 22:26

Hmmmmm i feel ur pain,jst 4gv him nd bkiaful of dat lady..

23 May 2014 22:31

forgive him

23 May 2014 22:32

Forgive him,its jus men,we live with der plaque,jus pray 4 him

23 May 2014 22:47

forgive him and always pray to god to change him

23 May 2014 22:48

My dear to heir is human & to 4give is divine,keep on being nice to him,pray 4 him he wil change cure i ws a victim too.

23 May 2014 23:09

Please pray 4 him