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22 May 2014 12:12

Did you know that the colour of your phone can reveal what kind of person you are? Don’t believe us? Read on. You’ll soon be a believer

1. RED is for people who enjoy taking action. These are the ones who are passionate and bear strong emotion. It could also express excitement and youth.

2. ORANGE symbolizes optimism and warmth. These people are friendly, warm and confident.

3. YELLOW shows optimism for the most part. It’s somewhat close to orange on the spectrum, and it says that these people possess warmth.

4. GREEN only highlights one thing -growth. These people could be the ones who enjoy development & peace on a lot of aspects.

5. BLUE gives the impression of trust, loyalty and integrity. The color goes for the people who are dependable.

6. PURPLE/Indigo unveils vision, idealism, creativity & imagination.

7. WHITE shows completeness, purity & perfection. However, it also shows sophistication.

8. BLACK - is the colour of power and privacy. Often representing the unknown, a black device denotes a formal and authoritative owner. Considered a safe choice, it is preferred by those who are careful with the details of their lives.

9. BROWN is the colour of stamina and patience. Reliable and dependable, a brown mobile phone reflects a conscientious and conservative nature. Lovers of brown are never impulsive and thrive on responsibility.

What's your opinion on this? Do you think it's true? Share your thoughts!

22 May 2014 22:28

what about pink ?

23 May 2014 01:07

What of sky blue

23 May 2014 01:38

wat of dark black

23 May 2014 07:39

True, very true!

23 May 2014 07:51

Is it true I don.t think it is

23 May 2014 07:59

Absolutely true

23 May 2014 09:11

It is ok

23 May 2014 09:31

From my own perspective its true.tanx

23 May 2014 09:34

What a black set look good

23 May 2014 10:19

True talk .

23 May 2014 10:32

I disagree with the black colur fone.

23 May 2014 10:46

What of grey colour ?

23 May 2014 11:43
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23 May 2014 11:59

@ sexy goes to the people of love and nurturing. No not just women

23 May 2014 12:00


23 May 2014 12:19

You wrong about tha black coloured phone.

23 May 2014 12:41


23 May 2014 13:20

True talk

23 May 2014 13:26