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22 May 2014 00:10

Parrot Joke+++++++
A lady approaches her priest
and tells him,
"Father, I have a problem. I
have two female
talking parrots, but they only
know how to say
one thing." "What do they
say ?" the priest
inquired. "They only know
how to say, 'Hi, we're
prostitutes. Want to have
some fun ?' "
"That's terrible!" the priest ....
exclaimed, "But I
have a solution to your
problem. Bring your two
female parrots over to my
house and I will put
them with my two male
talking parrots, whom I
taught to pray and read the
Bible. My parrots
will teach your parrots to stop
saying that
terrible phrase and your
female parrots will
learn topraise and worship."
"Thank You!" the woman
The next day the woman
brings her female
parrots to the priest's house.
His two male
parrots are reading bible and
praying in their
cage. The lady puts her two
female parrots in
the cage with the two male
parrots and the
female parrots say,"Hi! We're
prostitutes. Want
to have some fun ?" One male
parrot looks at the
other and exclaims, "Put the
bibles away! Our
prayers have been
You get it?

22 May 2014 17:09

"A man bought a goat write hs address on a piece of paper wit whc d seller wuld bring d goat 2 im.@ d end of d dy's business,d goat seller tuk a bike goin 2 d man's aoz un4tunately dey had an accidnt on d way.though dey did nt sustain any injury,d goat ran away nd sympathizers started pursuin it.wen d seller put his hand in2 his pocket he found dat he was stil wit d address,he laugh nd sed 2 d sympathizers,don't pursue it again,it doesn't knw d wil definitely come back since i am d 1 dat is holdin d address of where we are goin 2"

29 May 2014 19:29

lol very funny