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16 Jan 2014 12:25

♦ In earlier days, only rich people travelled abroad to give birth. And they usually travelled only to the UK and US, so that their children will be British or American Citizens.
But now, even poor people travel too. Some even borrow to travel. And they travel to anywhere now. Even Cotonou, Ghana, Liberia, Afghanistan, Gambia, Egypt, Togo etc.
The reason: for only one woman in labour, you will see an obstetrician, a gynaecologist, a general surgeon, a specialist surgeon, an anaesthetist, a registered nurse midwife, registered nurses, social welfare officer and so on. And they pet women in labour. That is why it is called Delivery room over there.
But in Nigeria it is called Labour room. And if you see what women go through here, you will agree that it should also be called Confession and Trial room. Nigerian nurses make pregnancy look like a criminal offence. And the worst thing is that they are everywhere, both private and government hospitals.
For instance, when a woman who is in labour is brought to the hospital, they will throw her into the labour room
and lock her up like a criminal awaiting trial. And they will go to the reception and be gossiping. Or go into the Dr's office and be "totoriing" until the woman will start shouting like a goat. And when they go to meet her is not to help her but to abuse her. You hear things like "na me do you?" "the man wey do you no dey here o," " madam push o!" "abi u wan kill your pikin?" "You better push now or I go leave you here o!" Then the next thing is to report to Matron, those matrons with extra extra large buttocks. You know if you don't have such an extra ordinarily extended pelvic protuberance (a.k.a. Big Nyash), you cannot be a matron. Those matrons only have two jobs. Sitting down in one
place for hours or slapping women in labour. And the baby will jump out with anger. One may wonder why a woman can be slapping or shouting at a fellow woman in such situation. These matrons only come to the hospital to sit down. And when they manage to get up, check their seat. It used to be up to 100 degrees centigrade. That's why some junior nurses do bring cold water in a flask.
Once matron gets up, they will place their flask on the seat. And within seconds, the water will boil and they use it for tea. Because of the way Nigerian nurses treat women in labour, you hear this women confessing all their sins during labour. And you even hear them saying things like " after this one, I no go try am again o!" " I no go do again o" as if they have committed a serious offence.
Please Nigeria Nurses, try and change so that our women will not be running abroad to go and have their babies pls! ♦And what was YOUR experience at Nigerian hospitals? I ask not only women who gave birth, but all patients and even single who are eye withness to speak up!

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17 Jan 2014 03:38
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18 Jan 2014 15:42

good topic when i had my first son i had to spend fifty days in lasuth, it was a sorry sight. the government makes their jobs worth while by giving them gifts and equipments regularly but one thing was lacking. the human compassion. without this you can never be a fufiled doctor or nurse. due to this factor i witnessed several lives being lot both babies and adults . why? most of the time when we need them they are either in another ward gossiping or they tell you no problem only for you to be called few minutes later to come and sign for the corpse.they are never there and not ready to work.

6 Nov 2014 09:25

It's some kind of rejection seeing some persons been treated that way simply because they're in a the position to treat them that way. The worst part of it is that they dont even care weather they're hoting others or not. Its makes some patients look inferior and rejected in labour room....

Well, God may give them the strength to deal with all the IDIOTs (innocent people) that crosses their path. But, have they ever thought about crossing other people's path unaware? As it's natural for someone to cross other people's path unnoticed.
Anyway, they may be in charge today because they are with silver spoon in their mouth? The fact is, "if they don't treat everyone with equality, they aint better than the street beggers"...