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19 May 2014 14:08

Corper Akpos was part of the
invigillators in a
GCE exams holding in the school
he is serving,
right inside the school when the
exam was on going, one sexy
gal who was
wearing a
very short skirt and looking
gorgeous was
cutting eye for Corper Akpos,
the Akpos a seductive look, so
the guy went
straight to
the gal to find what her problem
Corper Akpos gave the gal d
solution to
the mathematics question. So,
the exam, Corper Akpos
followed d gal up to
arrange of how
they would meet and the gal
do u think
I'm a prostitute? All those
actions I was
displaying for u in the hall are
fake oooo,
thats my boyfriend waiting for
she laughed!....Corper Akpos
said: do u think I
read Mathematics? I studied
Yoruba in school,
all those answers I gave to you
fake!............ The Girl is repeating
class now

20 May 2014 20:21

Nice one

23 May 2014 11:53

She won play game

1 Jun 2014 20:05

Brain pass brain

18 Oct 2014 10:59

Dey both play d game

18 Oct 2014 11:03

corpa apkos was realy sharp if not he wuld hav loosed game

19 Oct 2014 15:59

nah wa o

19 Oct 2014 16:35


19 Oct 2014 21:59

Jambata jambat "TOTORIAL"

19 Oct 2014 22:18


20 Oct 2014 11:16

Nice one

20 Oct 2014 22:09


14 Jul 2016 10:03

Now who is mugu

14 Jul 2016 14:56


18 Aug 2016 23:37

sshharp man

19 Aug 2016 11:44

Lolz Very Funny

19 Aug 2016 17:43

the both play the game