Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Am confused! Is this love or what? I need advice please, i don't want to do what i would regret .
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14 May 2014 22:16

Guy's please what should i do?

Well last year we relocated to this area where i men't this girl, well i am a gentle guy and love to take things easily so at first i was'nt talking to this girl or even looking at her but sure i did loved her. i had a close friend of mine who directed this area to me cos he also leaves there too, 2 months later i dictected her love for me was stronger than mine when we became close friends too, so seeing i was not in the mood to play any relationship rule i assumed she got bored of me and surdiling she started going out with my friend for closed to 3 months or even more, they kissed each other when am around and even do stuff even more porous than just mare kisses. But still i did't care just this morning she came to me that she love's me and she had been pretending with my friend cos they had an agreement to do that, well during the event my friend walked in and i ask him if it was true that they both were just pretending and he said yes that this girl even bribed him to play the part his been playing , she said they made the kissess for it to look real to me now am convinced but she want me to be her lover or boyfriend but i can't date a girl my best friend has been kissing all this whiles .

Guys or girls i need you advices please. Just post the advice you have for me and i would be greatfull i don't want to jump into what i would regret.

15 May 2014 17:28

hi guy my advice 4 u is dat let d girl b on her own nd dnt try 2 date her coz wit datin her u're n danger 4 she is really datin 4 frnd they were just tryin 2 knw ur mind mayb lookin at dem since all dis day is hurtin u or not. though am a gal bt i can bet u dat they are tryin 2 set u up bt u're in d ryt positxn 2 make a decission.dats all i wuld say 4 nw.bye nd may God help u (Amen)

16 May 2014 02:23


17 May 2014 14:07


17 May 2014 19:10
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22 May 2014 11:36

Be careful, a word is enough for the wise. Let them be ,their are many good girls out there looking for good guys that can take care of them not some junk that will come and play pranks with you,honestly thank you.

23 May 2014 19:17

pls dnt listing to her, dea want to trak u,am also a gal bt iwunt advice u such tin.

24 May 2014 06:48
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24 May 2014 13:13

both of dem re u game on u ,so don't fall cos dat was a set up

24 May 2014 15:03

Hmmm I wana advice and also give u idea...she playin dat wit ur frd sound really silly,,,apart from kissing imagine watelse they doing behinde ur back...??boi wakeup these 2 ppl are up to sumtin so don't fall for d gal ...then I cud say u can have ur own share of d gal...bang her and dumo her and let her knw u not a toy to be played with and for ur frd put him away cus na dat kind guy dey rape he fwd wife...

24 May 2014 21:07

Its a big trap for u my dear pls dont fall o

24 May 2014 21:47

Be wise dear

24 May 2014 22:06

My dear be wise,don't fall 2 their trap cos d are up 2 something

24 May 2014 22:08

My guy.....; It's written on the already OR can't you see??? OK watching a girl that claim's SHE has LOVE or what-ever 4 you doing nasty thing's with 'Ur frnd in your present.....; COME-ON you don't need an advice to qualify what this MEAN's TELL her you 've some-one already OR som-thing else then wait for the result atleast a WEEK; Then if really you need ADVISE you your self 'll know.......'Ve fun nd stay-out of TROBLE.....!

24 May 2014 22:42

D gurl with such prank is nt a gud dating or wife material so flee 4rm such offer

31 May 2014 17:22

she is very luck to have a guy who truely loves her.she is very foolish am a gal i understnd u give her some space

31 May 2014 18:25

By now, somehow, you've made your choice. But,my advice is that you do nothing at the moment,though you have feelings for her. Be good to her as you've been to any other girl. Latersoon, the way will be clear. Thank you.

31 May 2014 18:53

If u knw whot u want,go f it ok

31 May 2014 19:59

Uze ur head guy!

31 May 2014 20:24

Guy just be urslf ok,face ur 2moro don,t go back