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14 May 2014 15:11

Please, I need to ask you a very important question that has kept me sleepless and restless.
It might be awkward between us after this, but I have to know how you feel. I have kept it in mind for a while now but I think it's finally the time I straighten up and confront you with this all important question.
I just hope this doesn't ruin our friendship. I need to know, I don't know any other way I could get over this. It just doesn't seem fair on me if I don't get an answer.
I want you to tell me truthfully no matter how harsh it is! All I need is your honest answer.


15 May 2014 17:38

hahaha! u make me laugh,wot a funny ques well fufu is #10 at my area so u may cum nd buy

16 May 2014 00:44

Funny question, ok o fufu is #10 in my area o.

18 May 2014 02:20


18 May 2014 10:25

Not funy in my place is #50 i can send some to you

18 May 2014 16:47

Funy u 3 #50 in my area

2 Jun 2014 15:21


26 Sep 2014 19:41

#17 in my area

5 Oct 2014 21:20

It 70 naira o

12 Oct 2014 03:26

oh my gosh... xo dis quest kept u restles abeg ur wife go try

12 Oct 2014 03:30

hahaha fufu is 50 in my area no be joke

26 Oct 2016 22:51

Chai See Wetin Recession Don Cause Anyway Is 5o# In My Area Abeg Take Am Easy O