Nigerian forum: Jokes - Illiterate Akpos...Read & Laugh!
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12 May 2014 21:35

Akpos in a hurry used the
ladies'toilet in a posh hotel'..
He sat down and noticed four
buttons - WW, WA, PP & APR.
Curious, he pressed WW & his
butt was gently sprayed with
WARM WATER, he loved it so
much! He then pressed WA & a
blast of WARM AIR dried him up.
Still loving it, He pressed PP & a
POWDER PUFF to make him smell
fresh.Feeling pampered, he
decided to press the last button
He later woke up in a hospital. A
nurse smiled & said to him,
REMOVER. When the machine
couldn't find a pad on you, it
went for your balls.Your balls are
in the jar over there!

18 May 2014 02:10

E wooo

18 May 2014 17:37

Ye paaa

4 Jun 2014 20:54

Na yeye man