Nigerian forum: MoboFree news - what nigerians expect from US marinee on boko haram issue
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11 May 2014 21:34

my people what nigerians is expecting frm this US marinee is't to kill boko haram or arrest them ?....Nigerians i know that boko haram has done many evil to our dear nation and it as cause chaos within our towns bt if their leaders was been arrested wil Nigeria gain back his lost peace ? bs to me is No bs when their leader is only killed they'ill still manpulate to another place and form another group look at the life of AL Qalida islamic terrorist in Iraq they operate for decade before their leader was killed after Osama bin laddin we realize that they have being in africa especially our grate nation Nigeria and started destroying lives and people why Islam are doing all this our dearfull religion should preach about peace not killing.....did Allah says without taking a life no heaven for you bs to me Islam is for peace not for disaster.pls tell me what Nigerians are expecting

13 May 2014 20:08

Only God Knwz, Cos I'm Disturb @ By Matter.

14 May 2014 15:37

Please, work on your english before you post anything again or create time to read over before you post

19 May 2014 23:44

Is dat d ans 2 d qustn? mr lecturer. Aloyinbo o ku sile.

21 Jan 2015 22:01

My opinion is AU must do smthing to fight bokoharam.innocent ppl are dying nd noting happen even the african country are doing noting to hlp nigerian. Now is the time for goodluck jonathan to ask AU how can they fight bokoharam ?

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