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9 May 2014 11:41

The Sunday school
teacher said this while
teaching on the
resurrection of Christ
and his Elites:
TEACHER: If today were
to be the resurrection
day, righteousness will
be one of the safest
guarantee for the saints
to rise with Christ! What
else can make us be
resurrected with Christ?
Am*dI: In Ikwerre
where I come from, just
tell the corpse that the
tenants have paid for
their house rents, and
or, that a plot of land is
sold at ten million naira,
the man will rise
TAMUNO: Yes, I accept
brother Am*di's
judgement because in
Kalabari my place, a
man will resurrect
immediately you tell his
corpse that a beautiful
girl is looking for him!
NWAUZI: In Etche, my
town, a man will rise
from death if you tell his
corpse that the price of
cassava has increased!!!
ALALIBO: Yes, in Okrika,
one will resurrect if you
tell ones corpse that the
sea is filled with fishes!!!
ITORO: In Akwa-Ibom, if
you want to make any
man resurrect, just tell
his dead body that
palm-ga don ripe
AKPOS: Praise da Lord!
For we Orhobo people,
if we wan make a dead
person to rise as Bros J
do, we go just tell the
corpse say Mama Uvie
don bring fresh original
If you know what can
make one to resurrect in
your place, add below.

11 May 2014 00:04

My sweetheart mum

11 May 2014 02:06

in ibdan,a dead person will rise if u tell him say boko haram or socca pple are coming

11 May 2014 17:07

in my area dead body go rise if u tell am say u don find him a girlfriend

25 Sep 2014 10:48

in my place in ib...if u wn mk deadbody rise up. Tell he/her say food is ready.

18 Oct 2014 02:21

In my side at enugu,a dead body will rise if u shout "UP NEPA!!!"

18 Oct 2014 07:54

Haha. Well. In My Own Area @; Kamarise Street,Araromi Oyo. A Dead Body/Corps Will Rise & Run If You Say: Congregation Of Boys&Girls Having E B O L A .<E V D> Are Coming Towards Him/her. Then Let See What Gonna Happen?

11 Feb 2015 20:54

in aba if u say u have biz worth ten million corpse will rise

8 Nov 2016 20:35


13 Nov 2016 21:50

if u tell corpse dat buhari don die for my place d dead go rise