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7 May 2014 06:18

Food, Sex & Peace of Mind is what a
woman needs to know to keep a man!
It sounds simple, and it is, however a
more strategic approach needs to be
taken in order to make this attempt at
keeping him happy successful! A man always knows what he wants from a
woman, but he sometimes needs a
little help with seeing the value in what
he truly needs! When you connect
with a man, your advantage over
other women will come based on the value you add to his life (outside of the
bedroom). Getting to know a man on
the inside and out will be your
playbook for figuring out how to play
offense, win him over, and in the end
get him to celebrate you! The quality of your giving will make all the
difference in the quality of your
relationship. If you leave it up to a man, he will be
A-ok with the simple things in life, the
bare minimum, or stuck in his
“whatever works” mentality.
Everything is black and white when it
comes to men, and this is where the value of a woman comes into play; a
woman adds vibrance, color, and an
abundance of love into the picture. He
may be ok with eating Ramen Noodles
for dinner 7 nights a week, but he
would much rather to have a home cooked meal prepared by a loving,
caring woman. He will immediately see
the value in having you around, and
he will want to hold onto you because
of that value, which would’ve been
otherwise missed had you sat back and watched him eat Ramen Noodles
every night. There’s nothing wrong
with Ramen Noodles (I personally love
them), but anytime there’s an
opportunity for you to upgrade your
man, it’s in your best interest to make an attempt to take it! Many women today are convinced that
men do not want to be in long-term
monogamous relationships, and that
couldn’t be further from the truth. A
man simply wants to reach certain
milestones in his life before taking on the responsibility that comes along
with a commitment. In other words, he
doesn’t yet feel as though he is
worthy, and he’s doing the honorable
thing by sparing you the heartache,
pain, and struggle of being in a relationship with a man who’s simply
not ready. When a man is finally ready
spiritually, emotionally, and financially,
he’s in his Single By Design mode, and
he’s not looking to settle for just
anyone! When a man achieves greatness, he will be looking to
commit to a great woman. A man knows the role he wants a
woman to play in his life before he
even meets her. This is why it’s
important for you as a woman, to
know who you are and show who
you are so that when you come across a man who’s finally ready to settle
down, he will immediately see value in
you, and consider you for a future.
He’s looking for an upgrade! Someone
who can take his life, relationship,
business, and family to the next level, as opposed to simply keeping him
leveled. Men are simple and like to do
simple things, but on his own time,
and his own way! Although he may
want less, being with a woman will
guarantee that he gets more, because at some point or another, a woman
eventually wants more. Healthy relationships never stop
growing; in order for a relationship to
successfully grow, you have to
continually plant new seeds, love and
nurture it, and watch everything that
you’ve invested come into fruition. If you come into a relationship with the
same exact values as a man (i.e. eating
Ramen Noodles 7 nights a week), at
some point or another, he’s going to
say to himself “Why am I with her? I
can eat Ramen Noodles, sit around and watch TV, etc with my boys or by
myself and spend less. Where’s the
value in this relationship? Sure, the sex
is great, but we’re not growing! She’s
just “here”!” Don’t let this scenario be
you; take a man’s simplicity and upgrade him with your creativity! If you want your relationship to be a
success, you have to work towards
making it a success! The goals you put
in place for yourself as an individual
and for each other as a couple will
give you something to look forward to each and everyday. If you grow
complacent, your relationship will get
stale, and one or both parties will seek
something and/or someone that is
worth looking forward to. In efforts to
work towards relationship success, keep in mind “The 7 Habits of Highly
Effective Relationships (According to
AskCheyB). Respect, Love, Trust,
Loyalty, Honesty, Support, and
Communication. Respect: There is no limit to how far a man will go for you if he believes in his
heart that you are someone who
respects who he is and all that he
does. Each and every one of us seeks
validation from someone else on one
level or another; for a man, he takes pride in knowing that he is able to be
of value to his woman. Everything you
say and do will show just how much
you love and respect your significant
other, or the lack thereof. His
motivation to do better and be better will come through the person he
values the most! If you are in his life,
your respect isn’t just wanted, but it’s
needed in order for him to feel
confident about the future of your
relationship. Love: A man’s home is his place of peace; it’s where he rejuvenates his
mind, body, and spirit! A man will
involve you in everything if you are
being his everything! (i.e. Lover,
fighter, cook, accountant, adviser,
masseuse, you name it). A relationship is about creating “win wins” for both
parties; you are a team, you stick
together, and you continually add
value to each other’s lives. If you find
that your man is in a bad mood, you
have to remember that the two of you are one, or working towards
becoming one, so use this opportunity
to remind him why you are the most
important woman in his life. Continue
to show him love appreciation, and
affection so that he’ll never have a reason to treat you with anything less. Trust: There is power in words, so speak them into existence, but do so
with an open and honest heart! When
using your words, follow through
with your actions, and make sure that
they are both in alignment; this will
build your significant other’s confidence in you and will also
strengthen the bond in your
relationship. When building trust, do
so out of selflessness, not selfishness;
you want to keep secrets with your
partner, not from your partner. Being true to yourself starts with loving
yourself; when love is present, it’s
evident, and needs no explanation.
When love is absent, in comes cloudy
vision, lies, deceit, cover ups, etc,
which in turn raises your significant other’s awareness. People who have
taken the time to truly love themselves
know what true love looks and feels
like, so don’t allow selfishness to ruin
what could potentially be a winning
team. Stay true to him, as you would want him to stay true to you. Loyalty Be consistent with your character and remember that you both
are on the same team and are playing
to win! When your significant other is
not around, he should feel confident
in knowing that you are treating
yourself with the same dignity and respect as you would if he were
standing right next to you. The
slightest bit of betrayal can bruise a
man’s ego, and hurt his pride, which
will cause turmoil in your relationship.
A man wants to know that he is number one in your life, and that no
other man or woman (outside of your
family) gets the privilege of having a
number in your book. Your loyalty to
one another is one of the most
important things that will keep you together! Honesty: Life is about building relationships and leaving behind
legacies. When it comes to the growth
and development of your relationship,
let go of the past, and look forward to
your future. If you want your
significant other to love who you are, he needs to know who you are. Being
transparent will allow your partner to
see your strengths, your weaknesses
and everything else in between. When
you allow your partner to see who
you are, where you are strong, and where you are weak, you then allow
him to see which areas he will be able
to help you the most. That moment of
vulnerability could mean a lifetime of
victory! Support: If your man is struggling financially, be his cheerleader, his
motivation, his inspiration, and his
support system as he works towards
getting back on his feet. Instead of
being the woman who holds him
down, be the woman who lifts him up! It’s easy to to commit to someone
when everything is good, but the real
challenge will come when everything
is bad! The way you handle yourself,
your partner, and your relationship
under turbulent times will confirm where you stand as an individual, and
as a couple, and will have a great
impact on your relationship’s future. Submission is also a very powerful tool
that will only grant you more and
more of your man’s favor. When you
submit, you’re showing him that you
want him to lead, and that you trust
and respect his judgement/leadership. A man has his pride, and pride can be
quite useful when it’s focused in areas
that inspire growth! If for example, a
man is proud to be a servant of God,
loyal husband, father, and contributor
in his community, that’s a beautiful thing, and as his woman, you should
be proud as well. When a man is
proud of something, or passionate
about something, be there to support
him, or be there to advise him on how
to upgrade his ideas, vision, and/or passion. Communication: With wisdom comes understanding! Men and women
communicate differently, and that’s ok
because this will challenge you to
adapt in unfamiliar territory. Once you
understand the way men prefer to
send and receive messages, you will find it much easier to get what you
want and with a great attitude (on his
part). Men are simple, so don’t make
things complicated; if you want
something done, simply let him know
what it is you want, and leave him to it! If you have additional information that
might be helpful, by all means share it,
and then (again), leave him to it. He
will figure it out in his own way and on
his own time, but rest assured, he will
figure out. The best part is, you will get what you want (minus the fuss) and in
the end, everyone’s happy! What a man needs in his life is a
woman who has wisdom; someone
who understands him and accepts him
for who he is as opposed to trying to
mold him into someone she wants him
to be. A woman who is a great listener, communicator (not to be confused
with speaker), supporter, who can be
his go-to girl for everything he needs.
As his woman, it’s in your best interest
to be innovative and have the ability to
adjust, figure things out, and accommodate him. If he has
everything he needs at home, he’ll
have no reason to outsource. If you’ve been inspired by today’s
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Love that you people should keep it up that way

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The first thing to do as husband nd wife is trust.

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