Nigerian forum: Other - Asuming You Are Runing After A Big Snake, Suddenly A Lion Dashes Out From The Bush And Starts Runing After You. What Will You Do?
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5 May 2014 23:03

I Will Pray

6 May 2014 15:16

I climb up to a tree

20 Jun 2014 14:11

I will add more speed

20 Jun 2014 14:14

Well, I will just kneel down and say my last prayers

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20 Jun 2014 14:14

leave the snake nd face the lion, i wuld not run away rather stand to face the lion

23 Jul 2014 23:13

I will jst tell God,lord d angel dat u sent to shut lion dat face daniel in d den,dey ar still on work daddy,send dem nw,n shut dis my enemies.finish den i'll go free.

24 Jul 2014 10:35

I will pray and run away.

19 Aug 2014 18:23


19 Aug 2014 18:28

Hahahahahahahahah.....dats ril suicide

30 Sep 2014 14:52

The snake will be terrified because i will so increase my speed and run pass the snake.

7 Oct 2014 17:20

i will stop assuming

15 Oct 2014 02:42

datz logical reasonin in mathematis

16 Mar 2016 17:03

I will stop assuming

6 Apr 2016 11:43

Noting else it's d SINS of dt persn dt is pursin d him or her, tak it or nt.

6 Apr 2016 13:19

Grab d snake by tail and use it to flog dat stupid lion

6 Apr 2016 20:53

Quote by Ilem4real
leave the snake nd face the lion, i wuld not run away rather stand to face the lion

That's right nigga.

7 Apr 2016 12:01

D bible says... If havin faith like mustard seed,U i'l tel d mountain 2 shift,& it will,it also tells us dat he {God} av given us d power 2 step on lots of evil tinz like so call lion,snake, even scopion,dat nothing i'l happened.As 4 me,i i'l wait 4 d lion 2 fight & kill him,coz my father is d LION OF D TRIBE OF JUDAH dat help SAMSON 2 kill dat lion then.

7 Apr 2016 17:46

that is right

11 May 2016 15:53

I will nt run. Becus the bible say we hav nt recivse the spirit of fear, bt the spirit of God. U see God is the creator. That is more reason why insigt of me to run the snake and lion wil run

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11 May 2016 16:03

I Will Wait And Beg God To Forgive Me All My Sins And Save Me From The Lion.