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16 Jan 2014 04:50

Woman: I had Sex wid only 4 boyz in my entire life & U had it wid 16 Girls, still, Everybody Calls me a SLUT & Cal u a REAL MAN, A Winner? Why? Man: It's because, when a Lock is Opened by many KEYS, it Becomes a BAD LOCK. But when a Key Opens many Locks, it becomes a MASTER KEY..;-)

16 Jan 2014 04:52

Men Are Born Between The Legs Of A Women Yet They Spend Their Entire Life Trying To Go Back Between Them???

That?s Called Homesicknes

16 Jan 2014 04:54

Golden rules for f***ing.
1. f***ing once a week is gud for health, but its
harmful if done everytime.
2. f***ing gives proper relaxation for mind and
body And fasting gives you relax

16 Jan 2014 04:55

boy: I love ur daughter since 5 months.
Father: How can u prove it.
boy: wait for 4 month... u will belive ur self

16 Jan 2014 09:02

A mother ask her daughter "Afuwa", How did u get pregnant? I told u if a man or guy touches ur breast say "DON'T" and if he touches ur private part say "STOP" .... Then the girl says yes mama I did, but he touched both at the same time, and I said "DON'T STOP". Now who is at fault?

16 Jan 2014 11:00

De girl is at fault bcos de girl is enjin de man,s tins tht is y sh didn,t tel de man to stp.

16 Jan 2014 13:26

I m a single man but i need a ladie because,4me ladies they goods friends better than man,

16 Jan 2014 21:14

Quote by Hopeyemi25
I m a single man but i need a ladie because,4me ladies they goods friends better than man,
so men re nt love by U

17 Jan 2014 13:10

girls a like An internet virus . day enter ur life edit ur mind scan ur pocket download dere problems

18 Jan 2014 15:28

Jus passin

19 Jan 2014 08:10

If d gal z cychomistic,stupid,nt av bin tot in skul or nt exposed 2 tinz like dat b4,den z d mother's fault alone.coz she didnt rily sat d gal down n explain in a specific in her own intalect,dat's y she jst took it as a word 2 jst say mayb 2 impres d guy.coz she was aroused wen d guy touchd her so she didnt take 4 wot her mom mean by dn't n stop.

21 Jan 2014 18:07

Goods to be transported by car are called ship-ment and goods to go by ship are called car-go. . .abi? or am l confused?

22 Jan 2014 17:28

boy quarreln wit girl friend said,'b4 u say its over,give back d blood l donated 4 u wen u were sick. Girl bent down and remove her sanitary pad.she threw it at him and said'dats d 1st instalment,come back next mnt 4 d next'.

23 Jan 2014 02:10

all nyc

19 Jun 2014 18:08

A man sat outside his house after
a bitter divorce and
noticed a crate of beer bottles.
He took out an empty bottle n
smashed it into the
wall swearing,you are the reason
I don’t have a wife..”
smashed the 2nd, “you are the
reason I don’t have
smashed the 3rd,
“you are the reason I don’t have a
noticed the 4th bottle still sealed
and full of beer he says, “stand
aside I know u were
not involved.........hahahahahahahahahahah

25 Jun 2014 15:24


7 Jul 2014 19:43

Fucking shit

25 Jul 2014 23:07


26 Oct 2016 16:21

Lolz Who No Like Better Tin