Nigerian forum: Jokes - Laugh it off (TRUTH DOES NOT LIE and LIE DOES NOT TELL THE TRUTH)
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6 Jun 2016 13:24

Four clergies namely from ISRAEL,AMERICA, CHINA and NIGERIA went on top of a mountain to pray.And the lsraelis prayed,"Oh! The God of our forefathers.pls protect us frm our enemies who do not want us to settle on the land you gave to us and make them fear us,amen''. And the American prayed,"Oh! God make us the strongest nation on earth and may we rule all the nations so that there would be peace and the rule of law and human's right.Protect us from terrorism,amen". And the Chinese prayed,"Oh! God,give us the greatest wisdom to be the greatest inventors on earth.We want science and technology to rule the world.amen''. And the Nigerian prayed,shouting and jumping.''Holy ghost fire! I say holy ghost fire a million time upon my enemies.upon those who say l should not ride on a jeep.Upon those who say my church should not move forward.upon those old men and women in my home town whom l'm suspecting to be witches and wizards.Upon those who are making my wife's business not to be moving well. I say holy ghost fire, come down upon them now...........suddenly he found himself sitting in his house.''what am l doing here? I suppose to be on the mountain.'' And a voice said,''we decided to send you away beacuse you were disturbing the heavenly peace.Go and leanrn from your brothers who prayed before you''.

6 Jun 2016 22:00

Orugoooooooo....i hey u

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7 Jun 2016 08:01

Hmmm indeed we realy need to lern how to pray.

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11 Jun 2016 20:02

Yu are on point

21 Jun 2016 23:19

Hahahahaha typically Nigerian

22 Jun 2016 19:40

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29 Jun 2016 23:13

Real funny

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13 Jul 2016 00:30

Very Funny I Nearly Fell Off Chair We Should Also Learn Frm Dat Bcos Some Of Us We Dnt Even No Hw 2 Channel Our Prayer 2 D Rite Path Dats Why We Need D H/spirit 2 Interceed 4 Us God Help Us All

13 Jul 2016 18:45
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8 Sep 2016 01:40

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13 Sep 2016 10:25

dts nija 4 u even u wil pray as he did

13 Sep 2016 10:25

Quote by jennylich
dts nija 4 u even u wil pray as he did

18 Sep 2016 18:15

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