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1 Jun 2016 02:23

Now i have a new topic which I called HUMAN OF FUTURE.
My brothers & sisters who are the human of future?. Human of future are the people that make there #PLAN and think positive all time , before you can make your plan you need to pass through somethings which are goal setting ,think wise and make a good #PLAN.
What is goal setting,It's an ability of Working towards your plan,
What is thinking wise,this is not a strange word to evrybady, for your info, it work together with goal in other to know the right way and solution to all challenges that you may encounter or come on our way, although ,different types of people have different thinking, it maybe good or bad , ask yourself if you may place your Plan,target on a Negative side of Life,you are realy workinghard towards an empty Ending.
Good plan is having a right opinions ,focus, and mission, this three word come together to form good plan,
Someone need to have a plan before he or she can think about how is going to setting a goal
Plan can be call vision ,....and plan as negative and positive side depend on the one you chose but is only one that lead to #HUMAN_Of_FUTURE which is good plan and the other one lead to Empty Human.My friend, don't think the only way to set goal is to go school (Note:Igbo people no dey go school bur dem sabi write #Receipt!), No,jez take for example Alinko Dangote the most Succesful Businessman in Nigeria, Mofi Afolabi the HollyWood Actor,and some of Nigeria company own by those people that doesn't go to school even some musicians but they become human of future through there Good Plan.
My brother and my sisters I want us to ask your self that am I working towards my future?
I pray that u wouldn't do in empty handed in IJN/Insha Alla.

1 Jun 2016 11:55

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1 Jun 2016 12:57

Amen. Orugoooooooooo

1 Jun 2016 13:22


1 Jun 2016 18:10

Amen! Yu have just collaborated the saying "one who fails to plan is only planning to fail"

2 Jun 2016 01:43


2 Jun 2016 02:19

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2 Jun 2016 10:30

Food for thought.

2 Jun 2016 17:25


6 Aug 2016 11:57

Amen Oooo